Dog Days of Summer... Winery Style!

It’s been awhile since my last blog.  Things have been CRAZY!  The summer has flown by so fast.  Izzy and I have been lazily lounging down in the grapes while dad is tending to them like he always does.  There have been many people who have come to see us.  We have only been having events once a month so we haven't gotten to see everyone quite as much.  Mommy seems more relaxed though, so I guess its okay!  We also don't get locked in the back room as much, so that is good too.  It’s been really hot lately and we have been spending a lot of our time inside.  In the summer we get warm so mommy gets us haircuts.  That is nice.  We get to stay outside longer.  You should stop by and see me.... Everyone keeps talking about this wine and how nice our sangria is.  I wouldn't know.  Mommy won't let me have any!