Dog Days of Summer... Winery Style!

It’s been awhile since my last blog.  Things have been CRAZY!  The summer has flown by so fast.  Izzy and I have been lazily lounging down in the grapes while dad is tending to them like he always does.  There have been many people who have come to see us.  We have only been having events once a month so we haven't gotten to see everyone quite as much.  Mommy seems more relaxed though, so I guess its okay!  We also don't get locked in the back room as much, so that is good too.  It’s been really hot lately and we have been spending a lot of our time inside.  In the summer we get warm so mommy gets us haircuts.  That is nice.  We get to stay outside longer.  You should stop by and see me.... Everyone keeps talking about this wine and how nice our sangria is.  I wouldn't know.  Mommy won't let me have any!

Bring on the cold!

Its nice out today and I hope everyone is outside like Izzy and I are.  People all get moany when its cold but we LOVE the cold weather from the last couple of days.  Did you know that I have a double coat, it keeps me very warm in cold weather.  We were originally herding dogs for shepards in the mountains.  Izzy and I were built for cold weather.  Even though it was cold and rainy yesterday, we had a few guests.  We get excited when people come over. They come in big metal boxes that we get to chase up and down the driveway. Its really fun.  Why don't you come see us sometime so we can play and chase you too?  


I have no idea what that means.. but all the people are saying it.  They are getting all excited and jumping around.  It reminds me of Izzy when mom gives us dinner.  So it must be something real exciting!  

I meant to post last Monday when it all started, but there was just soo much excitement I completely forgot! 

Its been raining for a while now, but I hear its going to clear up for these Bucks today.  So to celebrate all the excitement, I ran around the vineyard and got all wet.  Mom hates it because I drag mud into the house.  I don't think she really minds, because she loves us.  Izzy gets way dirtier than me.  She is still young and isn't as graceful as me when its wet.  Pfft... kids... you just can't tell them sometimes.  SLOW DOWN IZZY!   I remember when I was that young, I was the same way. 

Alright, signing off for the day.  There is a lot of napping that needs to be done.  I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather and all these Bucks!

Picking Day

Hi All!  Abby the winery dog here.  So I decided today that I am just too interesting to NOT write a blog.  So much stuff happens around here, I wanted to share with everyone. 

Today all of the people are running around in the yard!  They are all walking up and down the vines dropping the grapes into bins and complaining about the weather.  Every once in a while, they stop to pet our buddy Fez.  Fez comes with his human every year for what they call 'the picking'.  The tall human brought him today.  Izzy HATES him.  She keeps trying to bite him and he just wants to play.   I am glad he is here today hanging out with us.

Poor dad looks really tired.  He has been doing this for days so maybe to make him feel better, later I will lay on him.  I really love my dad.  Sometimes he lectures me about chasing away the deer!  That is what I am supposed to do, but I just lay in the garage and sleep instead.  Once in a while I chase away the raccoons and skunks, but the deer come out at night.  I sleep in the house!  He had to put up that fence again this year that zaps them when they touch it.  Ehhhh that's alright. It probably does a better job than me anyway.

Okay, I am going to sign off now. I have to go chase Izzy away from poor Fez.  He tries to growl at her to get her to stop, but he is small compared to her.  Good thing he runs fast! 

Fez!  We love fez.  Okay maybe not izzy, but the rest of us love fez!

Dad and the small human posing for a picture before taking the grapes to the barn.